Fraud alert Fraudsters can take advantage of customers when a company stops lending. Please remain alert to the possibility of fraud and potential scams after our wind down announcement. Don’t give personal or account details to anyone who contacts you unexpectedly. Amigo will only ever ask you to share bank account details within your Scheme portal account. Be wary of any suspicious calls from someone claiming to be from our company or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). End the call straight away if you have any doubts about who’s calling. More information can be found on this via the FCA website: Protect yourself from scams
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Amigo Loans Scheme of Arrangement

Welcome to the Amigo Scheme Portal

Scheme Progress Update – 14th June 2024


We have now issued over 208,000 Outcomes to Scheme Creditors, by email, representing 99.4% of the total Scheme Claims.


We appreciate the frustrations for those who are yet to receive their Scheme Outcome. We have contacted customers who are yet to receive their Outcome Letter to explain the reason for the delay. Based upon current projections, we are working to have issued all remaining Scheme Outcomes by the end of June 2024.


Balance Adjustments 

Balance adjustments are being progressed for eligible Scheme Creditors with an upheld Scheme Claim. These adjustments are visible on a customer’s online account.


Full Refunds

Eligible Full Refunds should be paid within 10 working days of the Outcome being accepted, or 37 days after receipt of the Outcome Letter, whichever is earlier. We anticipate all eligible refunds being issued by the end of June.


To date, over £78 million has been refunded to Creditors.


Scheme Payments

On 29th May 2024 the Scheme Supervisor declared an Initial Scheme Payment of 12.5 pence per £. You can find the Scheme Supervisor’s Notice here.

  • - As an example, if your Total Cash Claim Value was quoted as £1000, you can expect to receive an Initial Scheme Payment of £125. 

As long as payment details have been received, we will be paying everyone who has an Ascertained Scheme Claim where an Initial Scheme Payment is due within 30 days of the declaration, or 30 days of receiving an accepted Scheme Outcome, whichever is later.


To date, over £39 million has been issued to Creditors, representing 57.4% of the total Initial Scheme Payment pot.


We remain confident, at this stage, that Total Scheme Payments will not be less than 17 pence for each pound due. We expect to make an Additional Scheme Payment once we have completed the wind-up of Amigo Loans Ltd.


Payment Details

Payments to Scheme Creditors with an upheld Scheme Claim are in progress. If you have not yet done so, we encourage you to check that the bank details registered in the Scheme portal are accurate and up to date.


If you are experiencing difficulty logging into the portal, and we hold the correct mobile number for you, then you may need to close your internet browser and clear your cache. If you have tried this and you’re still experiencing difficulties, then please contact our Scheme Support Team. You can find how best to reach us on our  ‘contact us’ page. 


If you have raised your claim through a Claims Management Company you may wish to contact them to ensure the appropriate payment details are recorded.


Payment Prioritisation

Payments will be prioritised based on correct bank details being provided and age of the Outcome Letter issued (oldest to newest). Please note, that the date the outcome was accepted will not impact the priority order.


We are currently issuing Initial Scheme Payments to customers who received their Outcome Letter in December 2023. Please be aware that your Scheme payment may be delayed due to a requirement to recalculate your redress if:


  • - your loan balance has changed since we calculated the refund amount in your Outcome Letter;
  • - you have escalated your claim outcome to the Scheme Adjudicator, however these are now being progressed; or 
  • - your debt was previously sold to a debt collections agency.

Additional Information

It should be noted that:


  • - Our agents will be unable to provide a payment date in advance of payments being made;
  • - Your Scheme Outcome will confirm eligibility to receive different types of payment;
  • - Eligible Claimants will receive an email from Amigo when payments are released;
  • - It should be noted that any interest earned pending payment forms part of the monies available to claimants;
  • - Further details regarding this can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions here.


We will provide additional updates and information in due course. 

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