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Amigo Loans Scheme of Arrangement

Welcome to the Amigo Scheme Website

The Board of Amigo continues to consider all options. Amigo is engaging with the Financial Conduct Authority ('FCA'), to identify an appropriate way forward. We have written to just over 140,000 customers* during the week commencing 6 June 2021, via email. The reason for this was to increase our understanding from customers and is also in line with the request of the High Court Judge. Amigo wants to gauge the thoughts of our customers (past and present) on the ongoing situation, with the aim to help us improve our processes and communications moving forward. We want to work alongside our customers during this time, ensuring we provide them with transparent information. This is important as we continue to work on a solution. Our customers are at the forefront of our decision making, and understanding their feelings and concerns is our main priority. We are pleased to see the engagement from our customers so far and thank everyone that has given us time to let us know their thoughts and feedback. *Over 140,000 past and present customers of Amigo who (i) voted on the Scheme of Arrangement ('for' and 'against') and (ii) a representative example of those who did not participate in the vote.

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